in stores April 31 200-6


chairs.jpg Total Timing 78:57
suggested feature titles:::::::::::::::

01. Soundcheque Overture (3.45)
02. Fun With Music (mmc) (0.59)
03. Elephant Overdrive Avenue (w/lane steinberg) (4.44)
04. Sleep It Off (3.07)
05. 51L3N7 N0153 (silent noise) (4.03)
06. The Message (g.flash)(w/krys_o) (5.59)
McGuinness Flint X 3 (gallagher & lyle):
07. ......Heritage (2.17)
08. ......Dream Darlin' Dream (1.43)
09. ......International (3.20)
10. Said Hi To Shostakovitch (2.02)
11. Type (living colour) (5.01)
12. Talent Roundup (jimmie dodd) (1.11)
13. A Blind Man's Penis Rocky Top Salty Dog Blues (trubee/felice & boudleaux bryant/morris bros) (6.48)
14. Please Mr. Gravedigger (bowie) (3.06)
15. Theme From My Three Sons (DeVols at sulphur dell) (2.08)
16. Since You've Gone (spanky R gang) (w/krys_o) (6.09)
17. Insurgent Pepper (Peningian Valor) (3.33)
18. Little House On The Prairie I Used To Live In (w/lane) (4.47)
19. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (presleyan 4-14-56) (4.02)
20. Hello Stranger (barb lewis)(w/krys_o) (2.44)
21. Goodbye Halo (w/lane) (5.11)
22. Whiteness (2.04)

front cover title graphix by max


kollage by ko 1-18-06

didn't make the cut:

I Want Out
Vigorous Resistance
Imbalance Due
T.N.U.C. (grand funk railroad)
Tip Jar
You Didn't Want Them There
Know Kidding
Ego System
Zoot Allures (fz 30 ago)
I Look Up When I Walk
Cathy Cline (danielson johnston)(new kramer remix)
Is It Permanent?
Civic Doody (wiggly w/strings)
David Byrned Me Up (w/uncle wiggly)
1979 (s.pumpkins)
Generally Speaking, Ineptitude
Ol' Whitebeard
Sketch For Ivor
Mountain Dew
Lovely Dieter (sgt pep)(w/krys_o)
Gloom, Despair and Agony On Me
Bent Fabric
Mimics A Heart Attack
Spraying My Whole Face With Disinfectant
The 53rd Week
Grease Theme
She Has Everything (Because She Wanted Everything)
"Jazz Is Classical Blues"
Faust Town
I (electric prunes)
Reverb Intransitive
Sunshine (jonathan edwards)
Skip A Rope (henson cargill)
Fred Corndog (west river pipe)
The Gov't Is Killing Us
Hence The Wink
Wolfgang 04 Blitz
Leprechaun Catering
Obey Beijing
U.S. Teens Are Spoiled Bums (1/2 jap)

beset with trials and tribulations, this recording was gathered from numerous homemade projects, covering the scattered period from late 2005 into April 2006. most all of the playing is awful, and the voice sure ain't what it used to be. hence the wink. ---- ---- love is dead, pal. questions? comments? consult the artist's bloog. and leave a greenback in the collection plate. no peace, no love.


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Little bump on my right ear
A good cast is worth repeating:

Furious Five, James Kavoussi Superstar, Minnie Mae and Rusty Chops, Ian Plays Frank, Beatrice and Enoch, Sherry, Mister Mayor of Jersey City, Karen Griffiith, The Dells, Joe Williams, Panky Presley, Goofy Doofus, Jimmie Dodd & Walt Disney, Fred Mertz Durst, Brother Gary Brooker, Thirsty Moore Call Home, Jeff Beck, Breet's Back and Don's Rich.

Enter if you dare, exit if you can!

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The original Semitic letter was probably inspired by an Egyptian hieroglyph for "head", pronounced ''t-p'' in Egyptian, but it was used for R by Semites because in their language, the word for "head" was R (also the name of the letter). It developed into Greek ? {{polytonic|??}} (Rh) and Latin R. It is likely that some Etruscan forms of the letter added the extra stroke to distinguish it from a later form of the letter P, although the similarity of the proto-Semitic glyph to the modern form with the added stroke is striking.

See rhotic consonant, r-colored vowel, and guttural R for discussion of the family of 'r' sounds.

In the International Phonetic Alphabet, 'r' represents the alveolar trill sound.


The minuscule (lower-case) form of r developed through several variations on the capital form. In handwriting it was common not to close the bottom of the loop but continue into the leg, saving an extra pen stroke. The loop-leg stroke shortened into the simple arc used today.

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Codes for computing


In Unicode the capital R is codepoint U+0052 and the lowercase r is U+0072.

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* the 3 Rs (Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic)

("Cupid Stunt")
ALBUM COMING VERY SOON! (probably 31 April)

...............Rolling Stone says, "Moore's most modern sympathesis... go get this guy."

...............Stereo Review says, "Our Stevie continues his dizzying quest for social and cultural insignificance!. B++"


"What's with the constant cellphones, people? Y'all ALL playing the NETWORKING game now? How the fuck did ya ever survive without em before? The whole goddam world has now turned into one big loud phone booth! Flick open yer little silver kiddie toys with 2-inch screens. They leave their apartments and go straight to making their next call while walking out! And driving away! Are you kidding me? Weren't you just now at home near your own personal private land line? Walkie Talkie Honkeys. Must multitask! This can't wait! I just love the sound of my own voice, can you hear me jabbering nonstop to you? Talk dirty to me. Oh! Sorry, gotta go. Somebody else is waiting next in line. Call me right back, please. Setting up yet another deal. Urgent reply. We must exchange vital information 24/7. Until we're blue in the face."

...i shouldn't have to hear it...


Stop the music, where're the tissues...