selected by Irwin Chusid
4 x C60


01. My Life Is Not A Joke
02. Conflict of Interest
03. Heaven on Earth
04. And I Thought of You
05. When You Gonna Find Me a Wife
06. War Worse
07. One Moore Time
08. The Path of Joy
09. Oh Baby, Baby, Baby
10. For Vini

11. Welcome to London
12. Baking It
13. Bloody Knuckles
14. Where you Reside
15. No Talking
16. Puttin' Up the Groceries
17. Copyright Infringement
18. Are You Gonna Thank Me
19. I Hate People
20. I Don't Think She Knows
21. Interlewd
22. I Wanna Hit You
23. Forecast
24. Even Tho


01. World's Fair
02. So be it Soviet
03. The Undertow
04. I just want to feel you
05. Eating paper, drinking ink
06. The Holocaust Parade
07. Compatibility Leaves
08. Silent Afterthought
09. You lost me
10. Chantilly lace
11. Column 88
12. Intermission
13. Show Biz is dead
14. Pow Wow
15. Rock and Roll Kit
16. Makeup Shakeup
17. The Grave
18. Flowers sleep into the night
19. Quarter Peep Show
20. Love Has Doubt


01. Topic of Same
02. Love is for the Birds
03. Making Myself Miserable
04. Our Fabulous Communication
05. Right Perfume, Wrong Mouthwash
06. Flight of Fancy
07. For Janice, R.I.P.
08. Pop Pain
09. The Meeting that Couldn't Be
10. Back to free Art

11. Idiot Opium
12. Let's Be Sad
13. Sort of Way
14. Debbie
15. The Government is Killing Us
16. Little Boys, Little Girls
17. Once and For All
18. Backbone Break
19. Request Line
20. No Publicity
21. Records


01. First-Hand
02. The Man in the Park
03. Teen Routines
04. New Strings
05. Adult Tree
06. Pasketti
07. I Hope That You Remember
08. Mr. Dyingly Sad
09. I Won't Forget
10. Misplacement
11. Eye of Hurricane David
12. The Come-On
13. Dirty Woman
14. Why Can't I Write a Hit?
15. You in the Chair
16. Nadir 2
17. Jesus Christ
18. Play
19. Apologies to Mr. Gottlieb
20. Cannot Keep My Fingers
    Out of My Mouth
21. No Success Story

These tightly edited cassettes formed the basis of the March 1984 EVERYTHING double album, having been mailed to Patrick Mathe in Paris to choose material from. They also sold quite well, and served an important promotional function in the early-mid eighties. Special thanks to Val Sebastiano for J-cards.

review from The New Music Report, a bi-weekly supplement to CMJ Progressive Media, Mineola NY.

July 11, 1983

R. STEVIE MOORE Comp 1 (Cassette) (R. Stevie Moore, 105 Chestnut St., Montclair NJ 07042) – R. Stevie Moore takes the D.I.Y ideal to exciting new extremes. Almost everything he records is Moore solo with his instruments and machines. His material runs the gamut from punk to funk to country to pop to purely electronic doodling. The shear (sic) volume and variety of material is remarkable, yet quality is not compromised. While each set of ears will find some of Moore's stuff annoying and some wonderful, it always intrigues and stands up to repeated play. R. Stevie Moore is a substantial talent who deserves a wider audience.

~Bob Haber

amglogo.gif AMG REVIEW: By 1983, R. Stevie Moore had been writing and recording his own music for a good 15 years (just about half his life at that point), but he had never done a proper compilation that provided an overview of his career to that point. With the help of his friend Irwin Chusid, Moore quickly rectified that with a series of four well-chosen best ofs. Instead of being arranged chronologically or by genre, Compilation 1 simply leads the listener through R. Stevie Moore's musical world in all its glorious oddity. Putting the proggy mid-'70s art rock of "Baking It" (from 1974's Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb) next to the shiny new wave synth-rock of the then-new "Bloody Knuckles" puts both into context. The song selection is nicely balanced between pop gems like the breathy "I Wanna Hit You" and the Jonathan Richman-like "Puttin' Up the Groceries," quirky novelties like "Welcome To London" and "Forecast" and tougher rock songs like "Conflict of Interest" and "When You Gonna Find Me A Wife." There is very little filler, and the album is also historically interesting for including many songs that have not appeared on any of the later R. Stevie Moore compilations, making Compilation 1 enjoyable for newcomers and fans alike.

–Stewart Mason, All Music Guide (2003)

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