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THE NORTH // NJ23 April 1978 C90 / 2CD

Symbolic relocation debut, exemplifyable boy-alone-at-home-with-his-rhythm-box-and-guitar manic tape.

01. In My Room (2:32)
02. Our Fabulous Communication (3:18)
03. Theme From The North (1:54)
04. Pedestrian Hop (2:20)
05. 4FP Ad (:32)
06. I Don't Think She Knows (2:36)
07. The Shit (2:17)
08. You Don't Have To Worry 'Bout My Love (3:30)
09. Going Down The Way (2:07)
10. Thank You Very Much (3:17)
11. (I'm Your) Latest Guest (1:46)
12. God Only Knows (2:34)
13. Let Him Run Wild (2:04)
14. Do It Again (2:40)
15. Lonliness Monologue (3:10)
16. Why Can't I Forget Females (1:35)
17. Norway (2:44)
18. Darn That Dream (2:51)

01. The Handicap Blues (3:37)
02. Not A Second Time (2:39)
03. Tape To Disc (2:38)
04. Suspicion (4:09)
05. Girl Go (3:20)
06. Once And For All (3:07)
07. Los Adios (1:41)
08. Wix La Chelme (1:21)
09. Structure Of Love (4:26)
10. Wanna Git To You (5:14)
11. You Became To Me (5:50)
12. Park Street (1:40)
13. The Picture (3:28)
14. Srerutcafunam (:43)

produced spring 1978 at 177 park st, upper montclair nj
 in memory of Nashville, Tennessee
 potentially publishable by H P Music (Ascap), except:
 1/1 by Wilson/Usher, 12 by Wilson/Asher, 13,14 by Wilson/Love
1/7 NOT the artist. BBC sound effects 7" record
 18 by Eddie De Lange & Jimmy Van Heusen
 2/2 by Lennon/Harrison
 2/4 by Pomus/Shuman

 influenced by kack lyons, sam goody, roger & dawn, and
  harry & dawn...but dedicated to ira.
   nelson riddle orch. on 1/18

R. Stevie used Rickenbacker electric guitar, Alvarez acoustic guitar, Kent bass guitar, Panasonic rhythm machine, Dawn Coffman's baby grand piano, Stage amplifier, Maestro Stage Phaser, Big Muff, Wah wah pedal, AKG Univox & Sony microphones, Ampex & Sony tape recorders, Koss & Vanco headphones, the Beach Boys, disco, Jon Child, Scotch & Maxell tape, Sony mixer, Panasonic TV, New York FM radio, HP, RF, ganja, Seagram's 7, coffee, tobacco, MMO, pill canister percussion, 7 1/2, 3 3/4, the toilet acetate from Clack, his hands, patience, and lots of echo.



(rare dutch digipac sleeve ca.2004)

AMG REVIEW: The North is a pivotal tape in R. Stevie Moore's canon; as the title of this 1978 release implies, it features the first results of his move from Nashville to Montclair, NJ, beginning the most fruitful stage of his career. Appropriately enough, this completely solo album starts with a haunting instrumental cover of the Beach Boys' "In My Room" that transforms the song into a graceful reverie for the home taper. It's not entirely peaceful; the self-explanatory "Loneliness Monologue" is downright depressing, and it's followed by the lovely but emotionally devastating "Norway," one of Moore's starkest ballads; but The North is a febrile and exciting record full of ideas. Not all of them are good ones, of course: in the "it had to happen sooner or later" department, the audio vérité "The Shit" is... erm... meant as a verb, not a noun. On the brighter side, highlights include the punchy rocker "Going Down the Way," the wry "(I'm Your) Latest Guest," the brief but endearingly sprightly "Wix la Chelme," and a more fleshed-out, fully arranged version of the swell, McCartney-like ballad "Girl Go," which had previously appeared on 1977's Swing and a Miss. Among the more amusing oddities are a version of the old Terry Stafford hit "Suspicion" that turns into a tongue-in-cheek disco tune and ends up devolving into a paid commercial for Moore's then-current EP, Four from Phonography, as well as a 45-second backwards snippet of Moore's powerhouse dance-rocker "Manufacturers" that somehow still sounds pretty cool.

–Stewart Mason, All Music Guide

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