Nevertheless Optimistic
r.stevie moore
innova recordings #601
release date: Oct 21, 2003

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compilation produced by Irwin Chusid & RSM
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01. Hug Me (w/Kramer) (Report Card) 1:13
02. Dates (w/Gregsy) (Love Compartment) 3:27
03. First-Hand (Repertoire) 2:45
04. Holocaust Parade (Sheetrock) 1:37
05. Part of the Problem (Games) 3:47
06. Hobbies Galore (orig.) (Moore or Less) 4:18
07. Irony (Sheetrock) 3:04
08. Funny Child (Piano Lessons) 2:11
09. Back in Time (Purpose) 4:37
10. The Jinx 4:37
11. Wayne, Wayne (remake) (Disturbed) 4:15
12. Pedestrian Hop (The North) 2:23
13. Copy Me (Pow Wow) 3:25
14. Blues for Cathy Taylor (Purpose) 4:09
15. I Hate People (Drumdrops) 3:06
16. In My Own Quiet Way (Themes) 1:49
17. One Moore Time (Quits) 2:16
18. Cuss Me Out (Sheetrock) 3:10
19. Four-Leaf Clover (w/ShoobyTaylor) (Report Card) 1:20
20. Indian Giver (Piano Lessons) 2:45
21. The Man With the Cigar (Disturbed) 2:31
22. Love Is the Way to My Heart (Returns) 2:50
23. Moons (Next) 5:57


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R. Stevie Moore: vocals, instruments, composition, arrangements, recording

Kramer: basses, percussion 01
Dave Gregory: drums, gtrs, bass, bkg vcls 02
Kry O: bkg vcls 11
Mark Cudnik: mailed drums 05
Chris Bolger: engineer 14
Shooby Taylor: vcl 19
Billy Anderson: keyboard, overdub engineer 02
Jim Price: crash cymbals 14
Gary Moore: bkg vcl 20


Session map:
01. North Moore St, Tribeca NYC 28 Feb 2001, prod/eng by Kramer
02. Swindon, Wiltshire UK (basic track, bkg vcls) Feb 1999; overdubs 2219 Pennington Bend, Nashville TN (ld vcl, extra gtr, handclaps & keys) May 1999
03. 429 Valley Rd, Upper Montclair NJ 1983
04. 2219 Pennington Bend, Nashville Fall 1977
05. 2219 Pennington Bend, Nashville (drums); 177 Park St, Montclair NJ Sept 1978
06. 226 Chapel Ave, Nashville 28 May 1975
07. 2219 Pennington Bend, Nashville Aug 1977
08. 227 Harrington St, Madison TN 30 Dec 1976
09. 429 Valley Rd, Upper Montclair 1986
10. 14 Evelyn Place, Bloomfield NJ 2001
11. 429 Valley Rd, Upper Montclair 1997
12. 177 Park St, Montclair Apr 1978
13. 177 Park St, Montclair Apr 1978
14. The Dungeon, Maplewood NJ 3 Feb 1986
15. 177 Park St, Montclair May 1980
16. 429 Valley Rd, Upper Montclair 1982
17. 177 Park St, Montclair 1979
18. 2607 Eastland Ave, Nashville Jan 1978
19. 14 Evelyn Pl (bkg inst) 2003 + vcl NYC ca. 1983
20. 227 Harrington St, Madison 12 Dec 1976
21. 429 Valley Rd, Upper Montclair 1997
22. 913 N.12th St, Nashville Oct 1975
23. 2010 Linden Ave, Nashville 12 Jan 1974


All numbers composed by R. Stevie Moore
©Spunky Monkey Music/ASCAP
19 Mort Dixon & Harry Woods/ASCAP
21 Larry Kusik & Barry Richards/BMI


Mastering by Steve Stein/Sonic Boom, NYC
Cover painting and package design: O. Christiansen

The recording artist thanks Chris Strouth.


AMG REVIEW: One of R. Stevie Moore's occasional releases on an outside label (in this case, the Minnesota-based avant-garde imprint Innova, better known for releases by the likes of Harry Partch and Anthony Braxton), the 2003 compilation Nevertheless Optimistic is closest in style and intent to 1993's excellent Contact Risk. These 23 songs include many of Moore's poppiest and most accessible tunes, but by including tracks like "The Holocaust Parade" (the first half of which is a bewildering sound collage built around an isolated vocal track from 1977's "Dance Man") and a duet with the outsider music hero Shooby "The Human Horn" Taylor on the old chestnut "I'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover," the collection hints at the oddities waiting for those who wish to explore further into Moore's voluminous back catalogue. Ranging in time from 1974's "Moons" (a glorious electronic hymn that's among Moore's most endearing songs) to a 2001 collaboration with New York noise-hipster Kramer, the songs on Nevertheless Optimistic; the title comes from 1978's "Norway," which ironically isn't on the album; are as musically wide-ranging as one would expect from the terminally eclectic Moore, and as fine. For the sake of change, the most familiar songs here appear in different versions than usual: for example, "Part of the Problem" and "Hobbies Galore" are the original recordings from 1978 and 1975, respectively, not the better-known remakes from the '80s albums Glad Music and Teenage Spectacular. Similarly, this version of 1973's "Dates" was recorded in 1999, with former XTC guitarist Dave Gregory playing all the instruments (throwing in a sly quote from "Making Plans For Nigel" at the beginning) and singing backing vocals.

–Stewart Mason, All Music Guide


Dec 7 2003 review by Wayne Bledsoe

R. Stevie Moore is both an American institution and a man who sometimes sounds as if he should be institutionalized. A decade ago, Moore was spreading his music by way of a tape club. Subscribe, and the ever-prolific Moore would send you a tape per month of new music. Some of it was awful. Some of it was brilliant. And Moore gained fans around the globe.

The new collection "Nevertheless Optimistic" (Innova) continues in a series that compiles some of Moore's best work created over the past three decades. Compiled with the help of outsider music guru Irwin Chusid, the material includes everything from soulful rock guitar instrumentals to wacky pop (disc opener "Hug Me" is a sappy gem) to unbalanced country ballads and spacey instrumentals. Much of Moore's music has been recorded under rotten conditions on home equipment, but that's sometimes an asset.

Moore's wonderful surf instrumental "Cuss Me Out" sounds as if it's coming from some AM radio in the Addams Family's attic.

Moore's voice is a high, wavering thing, and, like Madonna, he sometimes inexplicably affects an English accent. While Madonna hasn't checked in as a Moore fan, ex-XTC member Dave Gregory does take time to offer vocal and musical assistance on the fine song "Dates." Over-the-edge scat singer Shooby Taylor also guests on the indescribable "I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover."

Most of Moore's work is laced with humor, but there's often a hint of heartbreak. Being an individualist can be a tough road. Moore's Web site ( contains the line "Help This Man" on the home page. Helping an artist who is as out-there as Moore would surely win you points in music heaven.

Wayne Bledsoe may be reached at 865-342-6444 or,1406,KNS_360_2478630,00.html




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