starsparkle.gif The R. Stevie Moore Family Albums

June 1, 2001

01. Victor Lovera: Story of Steve 1.20
02. The Bran Flakes: The New Phonographers 2.59
03. Llynda More/Mark Gendel: Traded My Heart
      For Your Parts 4.28
04. Martin Newell: Sperm Concern 3.05
05. David Burd: Dewey Decimal System 1.02
06. The Listing Attic: World's Fair 2.03
07. Jad Fair: Under The Light 5.31
08. John Ferguson: Sort Of Way 2.41
09. Bryan Gore: All That Really Matters 3.14
10. Dr. Tim's Banana Paradise: Showing Shadows/That Long Walk to the Barn 6AM 5.37
11. Bob Brainen: Hello Piano 2.18
12. Krys Olsiewicz: Doesn't One 3.01
13. Michael Townsend: I Want You In My Life 4.18
14. Irwin Chusid: The Meeting That Couldn't Be 2.00
15. Nobody: No Body 4.16
16. Billy Anderson: Europe 3.01
17. Duf Davis & the Book Club: Everyone But Everyone 1.34
18. Nick Booke: Hey Rachel 4.44
19. Pete Spero: I Could Be Your Lover 2.59
20. The Breetles: Play Myself Some Music 4.16
21. Jeff Grimshaw: Once And For All 3.11
22. Lane Steinberg: You Always Want What You Don't Have 4:11
23. Mr. Gendel: Traded My Heart For Your Parts 2.01

TT: 74.04
11 June 2001

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amglogo.gif AMG Review: Third in a series that stretches all the way back to 1985, The R. Stevie Moore Family Album Volume 3 collects recent covers of Moore's songs by friends, family and admirers. The majority of names are utterly unfamiliar to casual listeners, except for Jad Fair, Martin Newell, north Jersey power-pop combo the Breetles and "Walk Like An Egyptian" composer Lane Steinberg, who offer excellent versions of "Under the Light," "Sperm Concern," "Play Myself Some Music" and "You Always Want What You Don't Have," respectively. (Longtime RSM fans will recognize the efforts of wife Krystyna Olsiewicz, longtime collaborator Billy Anderson and patron Irwin Chusid as well.) Other highlights include the tape collage "The New Phonographers," a John Oswald-style reworking of Moore's 1976 album Phonography by Seattle's the Bran Flakes, sister Linda Moore (formerly bassist in the '80s country-pop outfit Calamity Jane) doing a quirkily countrified version of "Traded My Heart For Your Parts" and a lovely, High Llamas-style recasting of the instrumental "World's Fair" by the Listing Attic. Of course, as Columbia Records once said of Bob Dylan, nobody sings Stevie like Stevie, so none of these covers outshine the originals, but The R. Stevie Moore Family Album Volume 3 is a sweet bit of friendly admiration.

–Stewart Mason




from 30 Years of Recordings

DISC 1 (72:00)

01. W. Bisig: First-Hand/Caffeine Boy
02. Billy Anderson: I've Begun To Fall In Love
03. Grinknon Band: Cool Daddio
04. Dear Stevie
05. Dan Edes: Get The Job Done
06. Gary Schulz: The Winner
07. Dave Gregory: It's What You Do (It's Not
      What U.R.)
08. Burkley Sauls: Copy Me
09. Bil Orland: Manufacturers
10. Mitchell Friedman: RSMedley
11. Charles DeGoal: I Wanna Hit You
12. Mike Hopper: Do You Feel It
13. Ariel Pink: She Don't Know What To Do With        Herself
14. Otto Reverse: Keith Dark Satanic Mills
15. Nick Booke: Pow Wow
16. Ray Zinnbran: Bigger Than The Beatles/             Funny Child
17. Roger Ferguson: Tons
18. Big Fresh: Why Should I Love You
19. Ray Carmen: Colliding Circles
20. Vanilla Bean: Typical Day In The Life
21. Hard Sharks: I Love All The Girls
22. Jim Price: Don't Let Me Go To The Dogs
DISC 2 (73:17)
(the original Family Album 1985)
01. Tony Brower: Intro
02. Bob Brainen: I Want You In My Life
03. Lee Miller: I Can, I Can't, I Won't
04. Dennis & Brian: Golf
05. Hard Sharks: I'm Scared
06. Terry Folger: Naked
07. Frank O'Toole: One Moore Time
08. Donna Blicharz: I Just Want To Feel You
09. Jim Price: I Wanna Hit You
10. Phil Varrallo: Bloody Knuckles
11. Chris Bolger: Flying High
12. Barry Mann: Oh Pat
13. Hard Sharks: Debbie
14. Frank Balesteri: Over A Girl
15. Griffin Gals: Everything
16. Dan Behrman: I Go Into Your Mind
17. Tony Brower: Part Of The Problem
18. Val & Jeff: She's A Scream
19. Peter Stellato: Puttin' Up The Groceries
20. Angus Wallace: Goodbye Piano
21. Group Effort: No Talking
22. Tony Brower: Steve

These songs were performed especially for this birthday tape from December 1984-February 1985 with love for R. Stevie.
Produced and Arranged by Jim Price
All compositions by R. S. Moore, except 3 (Moore/Chusid) and 11 (Palmer)
Thanks to Tony Brower for much help and Peter Olafson for typesetting duties.
Dedicated to Ridgewood Road
23. Otto Reverse: This Wednesday/New Girl
24. Gary Schulz: Misplacement
25. Yukio Yung: Norway
26. Victor Lovera: Hey! Pretty Girl
27. Margaux Ravis: Indian Giver/I Wish I Had A
28. Dear Stevie


2CDR $20



13. Nick Booke: Schoolgirl, Oven Love, Pink Litmus Paper Shirt, Showing Shadows, You Became To Me
15. Barry Mann: Old Blue Eyes Sings RSM
16. Michelle Boule: Oh Pat
17. Gary Schulz: Tape To Disc
18. Val S: She's A Scream
19. Chris Bolger: Hobbies Galore/I Want You In My Life
1?. Amy Anderson: You Came Along Just In Time

14. Ian C. Stewart: You Can't Write A Song
16. Benb Gallaher/Mick Hobbs: ?! I'm Your Latest Guest
18. The Rayvens: War Worse
20. Princess: Goodbye Piano
21. Kramer: Hug Me
23. Barney Evers: New Yorkus
24. They Might Be Giants: Horizontal Hideaway
25. Jody Maphis: The Ghost Of Stringbean
26. Tipsy: Pink Litmus Paper Shirt
27. Martin Lewis: Left Is Right, Right Is Wrong
28. Randy Scruggs: Chutes and Ladders
27. Jon Child: Funny Child
29. We Love You Boxheads: Metal Cabinet
30. Thom McFarlane: I Hope That You Remember
31. Git Loose: Is Where Where Is
24. Ford Theater: I Hate People
25. Barry Mann: Shoplifter Saga/Kids Are Still
26. Wicz: Mister And Mystery Track
27. Paul Carvalho: Hot Bloose
28. Terry Blankenship: Blue Hawaii Ball
29. Todd Dillingham: Hello It's Steve
00. whoever else sends one


[future fantasies:]
Charlie Stoddard: ? Melbourne
Jason Faulkner: ? Wayne Wayne Go Away
Michael Jodry: ? I Wish I Could Sing
KORN: ? He's Nuts
Mark Mothersbaugh: ? Moons
Radiohead: ? Radios
Mark Moran: ? Weird New Jersey Games
Kramer: ? Horizontal Hideaway
Stone Temple Pilots: ? Dates
Chris Butler: ? New Wave
Jeff Buckley: ? If You See Kay
BR-549: ? Elation Damnation
Kustard Kings: Melbourne
The Residents: ? The Residents
Bears On Prozac: Ist Or Mas
Foo Fighters: ? Bladder
Kilopop!: Life Is A Game You Can't Win
Victor Lovera: Story Of Steve
Lenny Kravitz: ? Pop Music
Jeff Winner: The Winner
Mick Dillingham: Pledge Your Money
Myron Bryant: ? Forecast
Bingo Gazingo: ? Oil
U2: Delicate Tension
Billy Troy Graves: Benefit Of The Doubt
Guided By Vices: ? Apropos Joe
Dennis Diken: ? Play
J Mascis: ? Don't Blame The Niggers
Richard X Heyman: ? You Are Too Far From Me
B. J. Snowden: ? California Rhythm
Barry Mann: Back In Time
High Llamas: ? Listing Attic
Larry & Mookie: A Bat In My Fan
Laura Cantrell: Diet Pepsi and Rum
Butch Davis: ? Column 88
Durutti Column: For Vini
Chris Volz: The Bodycount
Doctor Demento: ? Feisty Schoolmarm
Alex Chilton: ? I Wanna Sleep
Mark Clifton: ? Friendzy
Jody Maphis: ? Quarter Peep Show
Glen Jones: ? Sleep It Off
John Ferguson: ? Part Of The Problem
Beck: ? I Not Listening
Daniel Johnston: ? I'm Out Of My Mind
Naomi Hall: ? Teen Routines
Gary Moore: All People Are The Same
Zev: I Love You Too Much To Bother You
Neblung Price Gouge: Inner Groove