r. stevie moore & company / sentimental ties

released 18 august 2009 - CDR, 79 minutes 54 seconds

01. Sentimental Ties (3:43) m3p
02. Came Twice (Bran Flakes remix) (8:03) m3p
03. Color Wheel (3:12)
04. 2-Watt Bulb (9:15)
05. The Whereabouts/No Know (5:59) m3p
06. Keeping My Glasses Clean (3:51)
07. The Sea Or The Great Waters, That Is (2:55)
08. Bucked Acre (1:11)
09. It Sparkles (2:56) m3p
10. Both Sides Of The Coin (4:47)
11. Stimulus Playin' (3:47)
12. One Morning In May/Geordie (6:37) m3p
13. Oh Donna (3:37)
14. Elephant In The Room (6:17)
15. I Cannot Stand When You Sit On My Legs (6:32)
16. Crab and Lobster On Ice (3:29) m3p
17. Goodnight (3:35)

featuring the talents of donors Lane Steinberg, Otis Fodder, John Bonham, Danuta Blicharz, Mike Watt, Ralph Carney, Christopher Butler, Molly Andrews, Michael Jodry, B.Janoff, Catherine Dudley, Victor Lovera, Irwin Chusid, Jarbjørg Bjørholt, Nuno Monteiro, Max Wermuth, Ford Theater, Leah Peah, Empire of the Sun, Barbarella, and James Kavoussi's pHoaming Edison

"One of my favourites though has to be an airtight collection of R. Stevie Moore's collaborative tracks cherry-picked from the last 30-odd years. Moore sings on few tracks but, true to form, does the rest; and his magic touch combined with the broad range of guests is refreshing and highlights his innate mastery of songcraft and production. It's short, to the point, genre-defying and a bit good."

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Also available on CDR $12.99
(burned, assembled & packed by the artist)

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