It's What's Happening, Baby!


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01. time stands still
02. habitat
03. i'm bored
04. you can't do it that way
05. what's the point?
06. she's not ready (i won't wait) video
07. nadir 3
08. nadir 4
09. without telling her

10. summons (1979)
11. step it up
12. one two
13. i have the mail! i have the mail!
14. (i'm) wonderful, wonderful
15. deluged with advice
16. rat's nest
17. weinstein a'gogo video
18. expiration date

N U M E R O U S  H I - R O Y A L T Y   G R A C I O U S
PRECIATIONS TO (PARTICPANTS): irwin chusid, griffin
sisters, stacy turner, jimmy price, barry mann, victor
lovera, peter olafson, colleen, H.P., and you many
delightFUL fans 'n collectors......I love my lovers.


19. Unlimited Outrage (Live at Maxwell's, Hoboken -
WFMU Marathon Benefit, Sun 15 May 1983; includes
a post-performance "confrontation threat" by
DJ John Narucki) 18 min.

amglogo.gif AMG REVIEW: Although it takes its title from Murray the K's catch phrase from two decades before, 1983's It's What's Happening, Baby! doesn't waste much time in retro nostalgia. As experimental and largely electronic as most of R. Stevie Moore's other albums from the early '80s, the peak of his artsy new wave period, the 18-track It's What's Happening, Baby! takes the synths, drum machines, drones and dub-influenced rhythm exercises Moore regularly experimented with during this period and pairs them up with some of his trademark catchy pop songs. In the latter category, the folkish, acoustic "I'm Bored" is characteristically wry, "Summons (1979)" is all lo-fi falsetto heartbreak, and "Time Stands Still" and "Without Telling Her" build haunting and compelling songs out of layers of mostly electronic atmospheres. Even the noise collages, like the voice and drum tape loop "You Can't Do It That Way" and the fractured "Nadir 3 and 4," are eminently listenable. Though it doesn't have many well-known songs beyond the cynical "What's the Point?," which would provide the title for Moore's 1984 return to the LP racks, It's What's Happening, Baby! remains a fan favorite.

–Stewart Mason, All Music Guide

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