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01. Nowhere Man (2:48)
02. Dakota Dub (2:52)
03. Parents (3:50)
04. With Me Tonight (2:11)
05. Sour Slats (1:15)
06. Y'Know What I'm Thinking (3:49)
07. Agnes (4:30)
08. Aimless Strumming (3:02)
09. Far From Pornography (3:43)
10. July Mist (1:07)
11. 1000s (1:28)

12. Thousands Of Days (4:28)
13. Thousands Of Guys (:21)
14. You Win Again (2:47)
15. Gets Soft (5:34)
16. Who Needs Girls (3:45)
17. Delicate Tension (3:53)
18. Barbershop ID (1:34)
19. Feeling Blue Two (:13)
20. Hideous Jester (3:33)
21. The Winner (4:03)

Bonus Tracks:
24. Chantilly Lace (4:43) FB live in the Poconos
25. This Is How I Feel (1:29)

total time = (67:10)

all songs by rsm except 1len-mac• 4b.wilson• 5v.lovera• 8p.olafson• 14h.williams• 24jp.richardson
thanks to jim price & chris bolger & lee miller & irwin chusid & margaux ravis & wfmu

D.T. Track from NJ25(1978) Marcudnik Ondrums
F.F.P. Track: "The Gallop" 45 by The Chevelles

Released & Recorded At Home March 1984
Tape Cover Designed By Margaux / Photo 1978 by IC

amglogo.gif AMG REVIEW: One of R. Stevie Moore's more pop-oriented albums from this stretch of his career, when Moore was primarily interested in lengthy instrumentals and stylistic experiments, 1984's R. Stevie Moore Gets Off is still pretty weird. For example, two of the album's best songs are "Far From Pornography," on which Moore sings an original song over a scratched, skipping copy of a late '60s R&B instrumental, working the record's defects into his own melody, and "Delicate Tension," which does exactly the same thing with the instrumental title track from Moore's own 1978 album, providing a whole new level of enjoyment to one of Moore's most enjoyable songs. Other highlights include the 45-second pop song "July Mist" (if Guided By Voices were to ever record an R. Stevie Moore song, this would be the one) and the fan favorite "Who Needs Girls." While not one of R. Stevie Moore's absolutely top tier albums, fans of the DIY legend's more easily accessible work will appreciate it.

–Stewart Mason, All Music Guide

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