R. Stevie Moore

Bandcamp October 31, 2015

1. Art Is Gesture, doc 1 (9:55)
2. Art Is Gesture, doc 2 (9:53)
3. Art Official, doc 3 (9:50)
4. Art Official, doc 4 (10:08)
5. Art Flaming, doc 5 (9:56)
6. Art As Jester, doc 6 (9:50)
7. Art As Slander, doc 7 (9:13)


High resolution spoken word text rage poetix,
explanation of stevents.
mouth terrorism from Madison TN USA, summer 2015

technical note: album fill-up now completed, safe to purchase; additions to follow on next album only.

~ Early review by Mike Keneally:: - Some things that jumped out at me on first listen: Baroque Omaha. Lymph nodes. Three fourthhhhhhs. It's gonna be a weird hang for sure. Instagrampa. What could possibly go wrong? Moist toast. Stop saying you're fine! Doodle duuuuude. Barely half a ply! I understand, and I don't...you seem nice. Fierce! Sir Wynn Vega. Girlfrieeeeeeend. Our family's passion is...cheese. Tarquin Gotch! Barriemore Barlow Sebadohhhhhh. Cymbals eat guitars (so true!). You're the best! Unfriended. I'm a...heritage act. I've had it up to here. See what I just did there? Think of it THIS way: filling and flavorful. Sooner than later. Tell me all about how happy I've made you. Madison, Tennessee residents are rattled by new website. Mace the dogs that bite. So much work. I've reached my limit. Bus drivers aim for potholes. That's the way to be. Gaping mawwwwww. Researchers speculate: 'twas ever thus. Still. Rhinestone razzmatazz of the mainstream. Right on. Right on. PD Wheatstraw. Perfect time to wake up. Perfect time to start winding down. As you full well know. Reader discretion advised. Boy oh boy it's a Hasbro toy! Javelin darts. And then what?


Luuk Visser sez: What is the #artisgesture thing all about? I listened to all 9 minutes of it not too long ago and it was so confusing.

Not AT ALL similar to your late 70s Nashville era records. I was appalled.

Oh, and the price is hilarious!



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