Moore Family Tree

Sydney & Nellie Moore Harry & Florence Palmer
Bob Loyce Moore
b. 1932
Betty Agnes Palmer
b. 1934
Robert Steven
b. 1952
Linda Faye
b. 1955
Gary Edward
b. 1958
Teela Faye

Genealogical information lovingly compiled by
Kittra Mary Bernstein Moore
Born March 2, 1954 Hollywood, California
Wife of Bobby L. Moore, "King of Nashville"... Till death do we part.

Within a month of turning 18 years old, Bobby Loyce Moore married Betty Agnes Palmer on December 28, 1950 in Rossville, Georgia.

Betty was born November 12, 1934, McBride Avenue, West Paterson, New Jersey

Betty’s parents:

Harry Edward Palmer, b. December 2, 1913, McBride Ave - d. Jan 7, 2008
Florence McCullum-Palmer, b. November 15, 1914, Lowell MA.

They also had one son: Harry Edward Palmer Jr., b. February 5, 1942, Paterson NJ.

Bobby and Betty Moore had three children:
Robert Steven Moore, b. January 18, 1952, Nashville
Linda Faye Moore, b. February 22, 1955, Nashville
Gary Edward Moore, b. January 4, 1958, Nashville

Great Grandfather:
Jessie Hatton Johnson
Born 5 miles from Lebanon, TN. (Address was Route 6). b. February 11, 1889; d. February 5, 1936; buried at Mt. Olivet cemetery, Nashville.

Great Grandmother:
Minnie Lee Anderson-Johnson (raised Bobby L. Moore) Born October 11, 1889 in Smith County TN. (possibly Red Boiling Springs?); d. March 3, 1977 (age 88); buried at Mt. Olivet.
Their children:

1. Elsie Ruth Johnson: b. July 8, 1913; d. February 6, 2000; married Roy Crowder, Lawrenceburg, TN. (Huge Crowder cemetery there in Lawrenceburg. Kin to Howard Hughes)
One child:

1. Roy Dallas Crowder (chemist) b. December 11, 1942
2. Nellie Lucille Johnson: b. September 12, 1914; died ??. Devout member - Nazarene Church. Married: Sydney Loyce Moore, b. February 19, 1913, Scottsville KY (?); died ??.
Two children:

1. Bobby Loyce Moore: b. November 30, 1932; d. September 22, 2021. Contra (upright) Bassist "Most Recorded Musician in History"

2. James (Jimmy) Vernon Moore: b. October 30, 1933; married Mary Ellen (possibly Stanford?) at the Nazarene Church in Paterson, NJ June 9, (year unknown); 2 daughters: Nancy Ellen and Susan.
3. J. W. (Joseph Whorton) Johnson: b. August 8, 1917; d. January 15, 2005.
Nellie and Sydney moved to Paterson NJ, September 14, 1934 leaving their son Bobby in Nashville where he was raised by his widowed Grandmother, Minnie Johnson, and his Aunt Ruth Johnson and Uncle Jay. Minnie’s huband, Jessie, died when Bobby was 3 years old.

"Jay" (J.W.) Johnson moved to Paterson NJ on April 22, 1941 where he lived for 39 years. Jay returned to Nashville in March of 1980 to 1618 Long Avenue, Nashville TN, the home his father, Jessie Johnson, built in April 1925.

Nellie and Sydney divorced. Sydney remarried and had two more children who were born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey.

Sydney died from liver damage in Nashville TN (date unknown). Bobby Loyce Moore had seen his father only once after Nellie and Sydney had moved to N.J. when Bobby was about 6 years old. He was walking home from elementary school. Sydney stopped Bobby on the street and took him to buy an ice cream cone. When Sydney delivered Bobby home to 1618 Long Avenue, Bobby’s Aunt Ruth had Sydney arrested for nonpayment of child support.

Sydney Loyce Moore is buried at Springhill Cemetery. At the time of his death, he’d been living on Fatherland Street only two blocks away from where his son Bobby lived at "Ma Upchurch’s boarding house" on Boscobel Street.

Anderson Family:

Minnie Lee Anderson’s parents were:
Jefferson VanDorn Anderson
Matilda Mildred Brooks d. May 4, 1939
Both born in Smith County TN. Most all of the Anderson children were curly haired.
1. Minnie Lee
2. Hattie (died at 18; may have boiled in hot water tub) "Galloping consumption"
3. Callie married Tom Arnold; 6 children: Virginia, Frances, Mary Ellen, Dortch, Donna, Donald
4. Ola (twin) married Ed Ward (a barber, Indian); Died young. Twins were put up for adoption. Some university head near Boston adopted them. Paul, Modine, Ernest, twins Elma (male) & Thelma; Aunt Olla died and her 6th child Racheal (girl) died as an infant a couple weeks later. A Paul was killed at 17th and Shelby.
5. Henry (twin) married Lydia (last name unknown, from the Carolinas): had 2 children.
6. Betty: Married Tom Dies; 4 children: Hugh, Louis, Mildred and Margret. Also miscarried twins.
7. Nanny: married Marion Patton: moved to Detroit, had 1 child "Junior", who got sick and Grandma (Matilda Brooks) went up to Detroit, got the child and brought him home to Lebanon where he died. Soon thereafter, Nanny got sick and came home to Lebanon on the train and died shortly thereafter. She was only 21. (Nellie remembers that it was raining hard at Nanny’s funeral and the undertakers had long poles dipping the water out of the grave around the wooden box at the service.)
8. Eva: married several times; Cardin - had a son named Ray Wilson Cardin. (possibly still living in Indiana? About 83 years old.)

Moore Family:

Sydney’s parents:

Sydney Loyce Moore: damaged his arm on an oil rig. Sold ice cream off a truck.
Edna Meadows: from Kentucky. Nurse. Lived in Panama City, Florida.

Three children:
1. Selma, married Warren Jet: one daughter, Jo Faye. Selma and Warren divorced. Selma moved to Paterson N.J. She worked at the Paterson Evening News as a line-a-type operator where she met and married Journalist Herman Steinburg. Jo Faye was given to Selma’s mother, Edna, who raised Jo Faye as her own. (Jo Faye was the ‘spittting image of her daddy" says Nellie.) Jo Faye married Bill Kemp of Nashville TN. (brother of Sheriff Kemp). They reside in Atlanta. They have one son, a professional baseball player, who was a pitcher for the Nashville Sounds.

2. Sydney Loyce Moore Jr.: b. February 19, 1913. Sang Tenor in a Gospel Quartet, the Four Brethren. He wrote beautiful poetry for the Paterson Morning Call where he was employed beginning in 1934.

3. Kirk: Died in Tennessee state prison. Broken neck. Supposedly fell from a scaffold while painting.


Great Great Grandparents:

(This would be Bobby’s Mother’s Father’s Father & Mother) See photo [left to right: Andrew, Jessie, Uncle Benton, Grigg, Henry, Aunt Hattie, Lena, Lucy, Joseph Wharton, Clementine (Clemmy)].

Joseph Wharton Johnson
Clementine Cox

Had 150 acres above Lebanon. Cox family lived adjacent to the north. They had farm help, Stuart Ellis and his wife who was a great cook, black folks who lived there on the farm.

Their children, in order of birth:
1. Henry: married Aunt Ollie Warren and moved (in a covered wagon) to San Antonio, Texas; drove a trolly car there for a living. Ollie had a brother named Jessie Warren who papered houses. Henry and Ollie had 4 children: Louise, Willie (female), Earl, Christine.
2. Lena: married Howell Williams. 3 children: Cleo, Clyde, Mary (all now deceased).
3. Grigg: married Minnie Lee. 2 daughters: Pauline and Claudy.
4. Lucy: married Hederson Gay, a carpenter. 4 children: Para, Lee, Ralph, Annie
5. Eugene (Annie, her daughter lives in Lebanon).
6. Hattie: married Harley Blankenship. 1 daughter: Ruby Joe.
7. Benton: married Willie Speck. No children.
8. Joesph Andrew: married Allie Thompson (very petite); daughter Josephine, son Johnny.
9. Jessie Hatton: married Minnie Lee Anderson. Worked at Radner yard. Train Oiler. He was the first man to ever take insulin. Died with Diabetes at 46.
10. Charlie: lived with his parents until they died. Stingy, lazy and he drank quite a bit. Elizabeth Lanum wouldn’t marry him because of it. Nonetheless he married three times. No children. Died with a $30,000 estate. All his siblings had died and the money was divided among his siblings children some of whom had never even met him.
11. Porter: died at 18 months.