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Mon JUNE 28, 2004

"A Clever Combo"

American DIY icon R. Stevie Moore might be the most prolific musician of the rock era, claiming over 400 distinct albums. Most of these are self-released (many on cassette and CDR), though fans will tell you all are worthwhile. In fact, since I started writing about this track from his internet-only (and free via download) Tra La La Phooey compilation, I've discovered that he released another new album since it came out (Conscientious Objector)! OMGWTF!!

"A Clever Combo" is a perfectly crafted Beatlesque (or XTC-esque) stomper, sounding like an eccentric's idea of mod-rock. There's hardly a style of music Moore hasn't attempted, but Anglo-centric pop is one of his very strongest suits, and it shows here. With a count-off into barn-burning drums and angular guitar line straight off of Black Sea, Moore advises to "take cover opening your eyes, here comes the millennium surprise," before moving to a chorus besmirching the "crazy" and "half-stupid" world's good name as being not of a "clever combo." Paranoid Armageddon theories aside, the tune is so ridiculously infectious that most people should be too happy to notice. Fancy discovering that a middle-aged, American bedroom genius managed to unlock the secret of great British power pop. [download] | [Dominique Leone; June 28th, 2004]

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Thurs 29 Jan 2004

Thanks Stevie! (Read 19 times)

Ray Brazen
Thanks Stevie!
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This week I had the pleasure of downloading R. Stevie Moore's new disc off the Comfort 
Stand website. It is trea magnifique. Half the riffs are bouncing around in my brain after
just two listens so far. Beauty for converts and neophytes alike, and fabsolutely free
besides (had to get a Mothers reference in there somewhere). Stevie, you're the man.
(There, now maybe he'll find me send me the CD-R reissue of that Friends & Enemies volume
I appeared on way back when...) ----------------------- phooey Guest Re: Thanks Stevie! Reply #1 on: Today at 11:30pm Quote Modify Remove mr. branflake, why don't you write him at home, instead of in front of all these people? email him your
snail asap and yer wish might finally be grunted. kindest regards, -willie the pimp non-profit disorganisation


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