1 Oct 2018
Exclusive Ltd Ed (100) Cassette Release
PREORDER TAPE specialawardrecords.bandcamp.com/album/special-needs
Melbourne AU

Originally compiled for Park The Van Records
Digital Download format only; issued 2 December 2008
this comp (c) 19 Sept 2008 (77:44)

sleeve photography by -max-
"The Park" artwork by R

01. World's Fair (2:35)
02. Another Day Slips Away (4:27)
03. The Disabled Lad Wants You To Buy Him A Wheelchair
      With The Money That You Won At The Horse Race (6:28)
04. The Ghost Of Stringbean (4:03)
05. If I Fell Down (6:28)
06. Take Back (2:28)
07. Anytime You Leave (2:45)
08. A Whiter Shade Of Pale (5:31)
09. Effluvium (2:49)
10. Sleep Suite (4:18)
11. One Sight Of Me (2:16)
12. Me So Horny (3:46)
13. Rock 'N Roll Kit (2:39)
14. Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning To Work (4:01)
15. Tale Of The Sweet Violin (6:55)
16. The Middle (8:01)
17. If You See Kay/Bleu Space (2:44)
18. I Hate Your Radio Show! (3:16)
19. No Fears (2:17)

* written by Moore, published by H.P. Music (ASCAP), but
* 02. lyrics by Ferguson
* 03. lyrics by Shrigley, music by Brazen/Moore
* 07. lyrics by Lee Kid
* 08. by Brooker/Reid
* 10. by Jodry/Moore
* 12. by 2 Live Crew Campbell
* 16. by Steinberg/Moore
* 19. lyrics by Shrigley


"19 tracks of self-recorded wonderment, a living inspiration to home recording enthusiasts everywhere, and a damn good songwriter at that!"

Hartford (CT) Courant review:

Special Needs
Park The Van

Compiling esoteric home recordings since the '70s and offering hundreds of cassette compilations by mail-order to this day, R. Stevie Moore is a cult figure whose fractured take on pop is at once wily and weird.

The first of several collections to be released on Philly's Park The Van label -- its flagship band, Dr. Dog, has claimed Moore as a huge influence, which may surprise people who harp on the band's Beatles-y sound -- the 19-song, download-only "Special Needs" is a suitable primer to Moore's woozy, erratic work. A good place to start is his bluegrass-informed transformation of Procol Harum's tortured "A Whiter Shade of Pale" into a softly trotting ditty, the affable Nashville drawl of his lugubrious voice for once floating on air. (He happily tweaks the lyrics here and there too.) Like other Moore tunes, it's spiked with low-fi touches like thin keyboards and tinny drum machine, but more often than not, that's half the charm.

Elsewhere, "Me So Horny" feels like dark and rascally near-rap-rock, "The Ghost Of Stringbean" is sleepy psych-country, and the live-recorded "I Hate Your Radio Show!" gets laughs from a somewhat baffled audience with its cock-eyed release of bile.

Essential Download: "A Whiter Shade of Pale"

-- Doug Wallen


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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Man With Special Needs - R. Stevie Moore Gets the Label Treatment

Once only available via his clip art-utilizing, scattershot, old school Angelfire website, the Senator (sometimes Doctor) R. Stevie Moore will be releasing his newest collection of fast-spewing chaos-creating garage rock via Park the Van Records.  Titled "Special Needs" the record is set to come out December 2nd, 2008 - just in time for the holidays, R. Stevie's record is the perfect gift for that crazy, smelly, never-married uncle who has everything.

Almost definitely, PTV picked up on R. Stevie via Dr. Dog, who exposed me to R. Stevie for the first time when they hand picked him to open for their two sold-out New York dates in August. He played the shows in a bathrobe and sweatpants with a back scratcher as a prop, expelling wild almost maniacal lyrics about pornography and being Tasered.

i am the one with the ego disease that / puts me in a class of my own / but it's hard being ahead of your time / and i'll continue to grow

R. Stevie's aforementioned website has long served as place where his fans can come, revel in the wonder that is this North Jersey Messiah of Weird, order stacks of his homemade cassette tapes thereby becoming members of the R. Stevie Moore Cassette Club, and pore over his myriad propaganda slogans such as "Support Subversion."  The site has a link to Down Loads (yes, two words) and an archive of song lyrics that I became genuinely engrossed in and mesmerized by.  

A few favorite song titles in the Robert Stevie canon: 

"There Is No God In America"
"There's No Place For The Young in Rock and Roll" - the man has strong opinions on the topic
"Skin Mags" - it's exactly what you think it is

and my personal favorite R. Stevie lyrical achievement comes from the aptly titled "Right Perfume, Wrong Mouthwash" :

 she smelled sweet / i sensed her a mile away / when she came close we kissed with our tongues / and i started choking and vomiting

The man seems to have invented eccentric, ego-tastic, indie psychedelia, and according to him, he is a genius. I can't argue. I'm too afraid.


check out 'The Ghost Of Stringbean', new first song autostart streaming at