Ku Klux Glam ~ Ariel Pink R. Stevie Moore 12 Feb 2012
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producer by R. STEVIE MOORE

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Desperation Passion intro 00:23
Dutch Me 02:43 *
No Zipper 03:24 *
Come My Way 03:04 *
Desperation Passion 01:38
I Love to Meet People, I Hate to Know Them 02:31
P 00:21
Whunt12for3 01:49
Cherrybaby Come Out 2night 02:18
Desperation Passion bs 01:06
Lo-Fi No Cry 02:14
Fadermasturbater 03:44
Jacuzzi Spa 02:15
Steviepink Javascript 05:56
MG82cx 03:06
Carmen Come On 02:55
Haunted Graffridgerator 02:26
Bar-B-Cutie Klux Clamsauce 08:29 *
Desperation Passion g1 01:09
Doldreams 01:16
Desperation Passion g2 00:45
I Hope That You Premember 03:05
What Else Am I Not Supposed To Do? 01:55
Breakfast Burrito Deluxe 01:59
Breakfast Burrito Deluxe dos 01:55
Breakfast Burrito Deluxe tres 01:58
Sacred Snow duo 00:59
Decision 2012 01:10
R. Stevie's Brain FLAC 03:06
SteviePink Javascript Redo Theme 06:21
Ariel's Brain 00:18
Organ Trumpet Tower 00:54 *
Pull 00:29
Desperation Passion g1/2 01:06
Nostradamus Camus 02:16
Another No Answer 05:12
Haunted Graffridgerator KKG KGB 01:41 *
Nu Wav 02:22
Nostradamus Sumac 02:11
Sacred Snow ap 01:00
Sacred Snow rs 00:54
Sherrybaby rmx 04:41
Decisions rmx 01:11
Computer Spunkfest 01:03
Barbacutie rmx 04:04
Pull rmx 00:38
P rmx 01:53
Desperation Passion rmx 01:57
Uncomfortable 01:20
Jacuzzi Spa rmx 01:14
Bedroom Rock And Roll 06:06
Dutch Me Kareoak Me 02:45 *
Horne Of Plenty 00:51
Maushaus 00:37
Spring Break Lucky Streak 03:24
Douche Me (Keel Her) 02:30
Chasing An Echo 03:26
Me2 00:38
Closing Credits 03:54




officially self-released on Bandcamp 12 February 2012

2012 Stroll On (UK) abridged cassette only (diff track list)

March 2013: abridged LP ***** on Big Love Records (JAPAN) (Ltd Ed 250!)

July 2016 Update: abridged LP available ***** http://strollonrecords.bigcartel.com/product/ariel-pink-r-stevie-moore-ku-klux-glam-lp

March 2017 Update: expanded double cassette ***** on Post/Pop Records (UK)


Recorded in Los Analgeles CA 
Studio tracks * engineered, co-produced & assisted by Jason Falkner 

other sounds captured in New York NY, Madison TN, Bloomfield NJ

thanks to Jason Falkner (drums, gtr 3,4; gtrs 39,53; bvx 2,4,53), Christy Hindenlang (vx 3),
Kenny Gilmore, Tim Koh, Nuno Monteiro rmx, David Fair, Miss Clark,
Sir John, Theophilus London, Poor Tracks & Rose Keeler-Schäffeler.

compiled and edited by LX Moore

more info 
tags: alternative gdfatherof modern homerecording ariel pink r. stevie moore Nashville
All rights reserved
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LYRICS: DUTCH ME (Pink/Moore) Dutch me, Dutch me, baby Release me, release me Touch me, Dutch me, baby Cause it's not love Don't want nobody depending on me Please don't turn me down I want you bad COME MY WAY (Moore) Someone said today That you're gonna be coming my way Don't know what to do Except get ready to say I miss you, I need you Well, I know that it's wrong That you been away so long It's been lonely at night Especially when I hear our song I love you. So come my way If you wanna be by my side Come my way Well, I been told you care And that you were leaving there Well, I'll be waiting here And I will say a prayer To get you, to keep you Well, if you're passing through There's one thing I wish you would do Tell me that you're mine And I'll be loving you, loving you. Come my way If you wanna be by my side Come my way Tell me how you feel about me, girl You're the prettiest girl in the world, I'd say Let me hold you in my arms, a girl She's the prettiest girl, oh yeah yeah yeah Well, someone said today That you're gonna be coming my way Well, I hope that it's true Cause I am ready to say I love you, I do Come my way If you wanna be by my side Come my way If you want to take a ride Come my way Come my way. STEVIEPINK JAVASCRIPT I was housebreaking some classical Boxcar Willie, and it occured to me: my wrench had become soggy. Oversaturation of water from the Caribbean. I contacted my barber, and he told me, "It's just the system." And THAT'S when I turned pink. "Now, whaddya call this music, Steve?" Ariel Green "Yeah?" That's right. "Well, I call it StevePink. Jump in whenever you want. Fill in the blank space, if you would." I'll do what I can. Michael Zanna, Michael Zanna, Michael Zanna, Michael Zanna, Michael Zanna, Michael Zanna, Michael Zanna, Michael Zanna, Michael Zanna, "R. Stevie, it's nice to meetcha" My pleasure "It's such a thrill." You do great shit. "Aw thanks, man, you too." And I like the way that you do that... "Dig the time you shift the lip there (?)" Uh huh. "Right." Uh huh. "Right. Exactly." Borax. It's like Borax, exactly! "My name is Pink, and no one knows me I'm really big in South Dakota" I knew your grandmother back... "You tell all your friends about me, and I'll tell all my friends about you." Yeah, but, your friends left me. "What?" For YOU! "Man, that's low." IT'S TRUE!! "Now does this guarantee that I get your tapes for free now?" I was thinking about running for Senate. "Now I know that's not your thing, you can blow yourself a chance now" I was thinking about you as my running mate, Pink. "Hey, I was supposed to say that." You're a little slow. "Uhhhh." See?? "Uhh, yeh." Ha ha ha. "Fuck this." "R. Stevie, you're very cool." No question. "Your music rules." Thank you. You too. "Aw, you're just fibbing." No, I'm serious! "For real?" Yeah! "Hell, yes." No question! You're better than I am! "...too much fantasy in there (?)" No, this is reality we're speaking about. "I must admit RPinks a pimp (???)" Orchestra, come in "Get a lead guitar!" Come on in, YES. "I think this shit's giving me bad vibes, man." Too high tech? "The stars about to shake, the storm's about to break now. Here's the climax, Steve, don't let me down, don't release a frown The stars about to shake, the form's about to break now. I only got a couple extras." "The stars about to shake, the phone's about to break now. Stevie! Stevie!" Pink is whack, Pink is whack, Pink is whack, Pink is whack, everybody now Ariel Pink! Ariel Ariel! "Stevie! Pink..." "Getcha!" "SteviePink SteviePink...." Pink is whack, Pink is whack, Pink is whack, Pink is whack, everybody now Pink is whack, Pink is whack, Pink is whack, Pink is whack, everybody now Everybody now Everybody party like it's 1999. "You mean Prince. No, too much R. Stevie. It's all your fault." Have your lawyer call my lawyer, yeah. "Yeah, ???" No way "Just a mirror, right?" No. "Just in the air" (???) No, you're outta your mind Everybody now. Everybody now. Pink is whack, Pink is whack, Pink is whack, Pink is whack, everybody now "Is Crystyna in the house? Can I get myself a shout now? Hi Crystyna!" (HI MIKE.) "Are the ???? We can really send her home" (?) Hey, we're really upset. "You're so dead, pal." Hey, fuck you, man! "Lighten up, man!" Eat me! "What???" You heard it! "Screw ya." Okay. "You don't deserve my services anyway. OK, turn off the tape." P I gotta p, p, pppp BARBACUTIE KLUX CLAM PT. 1 (Moore/Pink) I got no place to hide I got an empty room But no lock on the door Ariel sings Alecia R. Stevie sings Alisa We'll try to get you a hard copy Of Alka Seltzer That's not funny, that's sick You make me very uncomfortable I know You make me very uncomfortable That's good You make me very uncomfortable I try to You make me very uncomfortable That's right You make me nauseous Too bad You make me vomit I'm glad But no lock on the door Sing for me honey Sing for me baby Shooting a TV commercial About trashing a televsion set To let Toilet Wait wait wait wait Your are real I know I know We are real Passport asshole Wait wait wait I wasn't supposed to say that Airport hassle Passport asshole Hypermessy in piper's pussy Cyber fess-up Barney Kessel I know I know More elegant thhan television Keeping Iceland warm since 1926 I wasn't gonna say that Winnie the Pooh and you Frown at me It's a giraffe Blow up the helium balloon Blow up Burn down the mission Tortoise and the hare On the back of your neck It's a giraffe Nashville Ku klux clam chowder Catch us if you can Computer spunkfest Tear the roof off your mouth Umm, that sounds good Your ugly face smells nice UK riot act Now see? At least I'm not that big Not yet anyweight Where do you see that? My music is that powerful these days Fuck's sake How come you're not reading all this, as I go down? You're not reading it either You're just making shit up That's not fair I'm going down on you Hmm, that shouldn't have happened Don't put it on me, man Don't put it on me, babe no. NO ZIPPER (Moore) I have tightened those laced mices Surround the homestead, ah, shed no rices Ices ices ices ices Who put ice in my boots? Oh my I stay shiny with satin laces It will put a smile on that young man's fancy faces Faces faces faces faces Who filled my boots with faces? Oh my No zipper for me! Icy spicy fancy faces Let me out, throw me up Shine my boots and drink my sup Icy spicy fancy faces Let me out, throw me up Shine my boots and drink my sup Don't believe I told you these boots I have will bite I can take them on or off with no light Tape tape tape tape Who stuffed tape in my boots? Was it you, Stevie? (uh uh) Oh my Let me out and throw me up Shine my boots, drink my sup Untangle this lace (with tape or rape) DECISION (Moore) I decide, I decide I decide, I decide I decide, I decide I make a decision. PULL (Moore) Pull my dik Push it back. BARBACUTIE KLUX CLAM PT 2 (Pink/Moore) Spell spells spell Andy McCloud, Andy Andy McCloud Feelings feelings, everybody likes Feelings feelings, feelings are so good Feelings, feelings I got a pat on the bottom I got a pat on the bottom Barbacutie Klux Glam Barbacutie Klux clam sauce Catch us if you can Barbacutie Klux Glam Ku Klux Glam Abnormalized God, it's God, I see God Daniel? I got a pat on my bottom I got a pat on my bottom I'm going to California Gonna look up Linda Ronstadt 's dress! CLOSING CREDITS (Pink/Moore) Closing credits list the names of Every person I have known I have known Closing credits list the jobs of Every human I have known I have known. [Rsm published by Spunky Monkey Music (ASCAP)

R Stevie Moore is an unclassifiable artist from every point of view, his works are strange, risky and career is so prolific that it would be an ordeal to list each material recording artist, luckily, he puts us with a motto that suits her perfectly: "prolific but never mediocre." When a person joins Ariel Pink, a subject of similar characteristics (Moore is a very important influence on the young LA), you can only create something supernatural, a kind of magic abstract, experimental and provocative they decided headline "Ku Klux Glam". I can assure that the entire album in these two musicians have never had the idea of playing a single note that was not purely and exclusively for them, leaving critics and purists with migraine and stress, this is how the material ends up falling on his own trap (without this being all bad) possesses the experimental scheme of Moore and this, in one way or another, the listener located in the distribution disc bizarre. Without that it deprives him of his experimentation, "Ku Klux Glam" offers high level compositions, some in which can be seen mainly Pen Pink ("Another No Answer") or Moore ("Haunted Graffridgerator Kkg Kgb" ), but the healthy mixture of these two powers gives much nicer results ("Nu Wav"). As he usually does the old Stevie, we improvisations devenidas in hilarious monologues or babbling nonsense just flowed with the beginning of the recording, with bizarre games between songs and listen to musicians entering their minds ("R Stevie's Brain" and "Ariel's Brain"). It would be a meanness analyze whether "Ku Klux Glam" is good or bad, it's just experimentation pleasant, entertaining and complex relationship between two powers of unclassifiable music, which you should give it a try. Or many, failing.


Also: Exclusive Short abridged version available at iTunes

NEW! March 2012: 7" 3-track E.P. on German SLOWBOY label...
available direct from RSM for limited time