R. Stevie Moore ‎ In The History Of Ever
Label: Oma333 Tapes Oma333 No.002 (Edition of 333)
Format: Cassette, Album, Compilation
Country: Sweden
Released: Nov 29th 2013. Artwork by Rasmus Westman

A1 Anytime You Leave
A2 Under The Light
A3 Diet Pepsi And Rum
A4 Heaven On Earth
A5 My Truth
A6 He's Nuts
A7 Debbie

B1 Oven Love
B2 III (Worst)
B3 When You Gonna Find Me A Wife
B4 Verses Alright Tonight
B5 Love Corpse
B6 Oldest Numbers
B7 My Truth 2
B8 Lone
B9 I'm Dancin'
B10 Songs
B11 Chords

Thanks to Gavin Maycroft, Stockholm

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